Friday, September 17, 2010

The California Budget: I'm Having a Heart Attack!

I need to vent for a moment:
California has hit a milestone:  today is the LONGEST time the state has gone without having a budget signed and passed.  Normally I could truly care less about the budget, but this year it effects me in a tremendous way:  We rely on a county program that helps with daycare assistance and if the budget isn't passed by September 30, 2010, we will loose that assistance.  This means that I will have to quit working because we can't afford to pay for Brandon's daycare.

If that wasn't rotten enough, I read in an article this afternoon that all the idiots in the Senate are PUSHING to cut the daycare assistance programs!  Do they not realize that if they cut that important program, thousands of people will be in my situation:  they will have to quit their jobs, and seek more welfare benefits?  We're doing EVERYTHING WE CAN to STAY OUT FROM UNDER THE GOVERNMENT, to DO IT OURSELVES.   How does this help "The Golden State"? 

I'm counting down the days, hoping my mother is right when she tries to reassure me that this happens every year, that the budget always passes.  Now, not only do I have to worry about it passing on time, but I have to worry about whether or not they cut the program.

I LOVE my job, and Brandon LOVES school! 

If any of you find the chance, please email Senator Denham and demand this budget crisis be over, and that the daycare assistance program not be cut!
Senator Denham <>;

For all of you who don't live in California:  YOU ARE SO VERY LUCKY!!

Okay, venting is now over!

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