Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Next David Beckham??

This summer Grandma enrolled Brandon in "Kidz Love Soccer", where kids and their parents (and grandparents) learn the basics of how to play soccer.  Brandon has loved it and today was his last day.  Brandon was the oldest of the kids there, and one of the most enthusiastic (on most days). 

Each Saturday morning for the past two months Grandma would come and play with us too, and while Brandon loved that, what he really loved the most were the gifts that Grandma would bring with her each Saturday.  One Saturday she had candy in her car, another Saturday, silly puddy.  Brandon would ask me each morning what present Grandma would have in her car!

So, you tell me, does Brandon look like the next David Beckham?

To practice scoring goals, we take turns spreading our legs while the other person kicks the soccer ball through them.  Brandon would spread his legs so far apart that he often would fall flat on his bottom!

Go Brandon, Go!

Oh, that sweet smile melts my heart!!

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