Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day Eight: Something I Crave A Lot

This minute I saw this was the topic for today, I knew EXACTLY what to write about.

I have a horrible sweet tooth.  Chocolate will one day be the death of me. 

What do I crave a lot?  Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards from Dairy Queen.  I am so addicted to these that I think I keep the local Dairy Queen in business!  Hey, it's a great way to maintain my "girlie figure"!!!

 Wish I had money, I'd go and get one right now! 

"Honey, do you have any money?"


  1. oh yummmmmmm!!! i love the snickers blizzards. they are my favorite. i haven't decided how i am going to end my new years resolutions on jan1 2011. its a toss up between a snickers blizzard, my fave ben and jerrys, or coldstone. too many choices!

  2. hmmm... maybe it's a GOOD thing we don't live near each other anymore. we'd be in big trouble!!

  3. oh, no DQ in Ohio??? How sad!!!