Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Fourteen: Your Siblings

I am SO EXCITED about this post because I get to brag about how I have the GREATEST sister on the entire planet! 

Though she is 3 1/2 years younger than me, I've always wondered if she was really supposed to be my older sister and somehow we got switched around one day in the pre-existance!  Wise beyond her years, she has always been a shoulder to cry on, my therapist when times are bad, my cheerleader, and often my best friend.

My sis is probably the smartest person I know.  Constantly educating herself about what is happening in the world, having political coversations with her is a very good way!  Working on her Master's Degree, she wants to help people with the problems in their own lives. 

She is absolutely HILARIOUS, by far the wittiest person in the room, and constantly keeps people smiling.  A wife, mother of three AWESOME KIDS, (I'm not biased at all!) a sister, and aunt; she holds many roles in life, and finds a way to balance them all.

And don't even get me started about how talented she is!!!  Her musical ability is amazing.  Years ago I challenged her, saying she couldn't play a piece of music on the piano because it was too difficult.  That's all it took:  she was determined to learn how to play it.  And holy cow, not only did she learn how to play it, but to this day is the best pianist I've ever met.

Grandma, my sis, two of her three children (youngest had "ants in his pants" and wanted to run around!) and her husband 

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