Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Three: My Favorite TV Program

This topic isn't as easy as the previous two.  I don't have just one favorite TV show, I have many.  Here are a few of them:

 Alias was on from 2001-2006 and was the story of a woman who was leading a double life as a spy.  The main character, Sydney Bristow, is a female James Bond.  I love this show.  The cast was terrific, the storylines were always incredible, and to this day it's the only TV show I have every season of on DVD!

Burn Notice.  The story of Michael Westen, a "burned" spy.  Gee, I see a pattern here, do you?! 
(What can I say, I enjoy action/romance shows!)
Along with his friend Sam, and ex-girlfriend Fiona, they help innocent people who have problems in their lives, while Michael tries to find the people who "burned" him.  And it doesn't hurt that Jeffrey Donovan, the main actor, is very nice on the eyes!!

Whose Line is it Anyway? like I said before, is the show I watch to laugh away the stress from the day.  It ran for about 8 years, and is an improve show that is simply hilarious! 

One side note:  I'm going through a major mourning period because the network that has been running this show in syndication has just changed their line-up and Whose Line isn't on it anymore!!!  I also don't understand why almost every TV show ever created can be found on DVD, even if it only lastest one season, but this show only has season 1 and 2, and a "best of" DVD....NOT FAIR!

However, if I had to choose just one, my favorite show of all, is without a doubt, the following:

Need I say more?

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