Monday, October 11, 2010

Oops, I Did it Again!!!

No, I'm not talking about Britney Spears, but about this crazy ability I have to lock my keys in my car!

A year ago I had a REALLY bad week and within 5 days I locked my keys in my car about 4 times.  Each time required a "rescue" from either my mom, or Nick.  They weren't my best moments.

After my key trouble last year, I kept a second set of car keys in my purse, just in case.  And it has worked:  since then I haven't locked my keys inside my car.  I haven't even needed to use the spare set to bail myself out.

Fast forward to today.  I left work, began digging for my keys, and where are they?  In the ignition of my car.  I start looking for my spare set and then I remember that Nick now has them!

The first time I locked my keys in my car a year ago, I was so scared because I couldn't see my keys anywhere in my car and feared I would never find them.  I ended up loosing my lunch while waiting for my mom to come and pick me up!  I was much calmer this time.  I called Nick, who was just leaving for lunch.  He laughed as I calmly asked him to "Come and save me!!"

Needles to say, we'll be making another spare set of keys for me later in the week!  I guess some things will never change.....but thank goodness for husbands and mothers who can come and save you in your hour of need!!

I'm so excited, I have two followers now!!!  It makes me feel like people are enjoying my blog.  Whoo Hoo!

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