Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine: Year in Great Detail

Since I lead a relatively boring life, and don't have a great memory, this potentially long, detailed post will be quite short!

November, 2009:  Started working as a paraprofessional in a kindergarten class

December, 2009-February, 2010:  Normal, boring, day-to-day stuff

March, 2010:  Brandon turned 3; Nick and I began slowly dating again

April, 2010:  Sprained my ankle at work in front of 130 kindergarten students!  Began physical therapy for my ankle and wore a cam walker while it healed.  Nick and I decided to remarry

May, 2010:  Brandon and I moved into the apartment that would be our new family home

June, 2010:  Nick and I remarried.  Brandon's wonderful daycare closed due to the crappy economy.  I began potty training Brandon so he could attend a new daycare in August

July, 2010:  Attempted to survive the summer at home with an active 3 year wasn't easy!  Went to the county fair for the first time

August, 2010:  Conquered potty training!  Brandon began his new daycare, work started again for me

September, 2010:  Brandon finished a summer soccer program.  I began our family blog

October, 2010:  Took family pictures.  I turned 32...ew!

November, 2010:  We are both actively seeking new employment, and considering relocation

All in all, not a very interesting year!! 

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