Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goodbye Golden State...

The past few months have been quite a whirlwind for us.  We've been on the hunt to better our employment situation.  Nick has been working 2 jobs and nearly killing himself.  In September, Nick attempted to enlist in the Navy, but his removed brain tumor prevented that from happening.

So then we looked into moving to Utah.  My sister and her family moved up there a few months ago.  Nick would be able to transfer his job, and teaching opportunities for me are greater there than in dried up California.  We were about to take the leap of faith, but decided against it since I had pretty good employment.  I also didn't want to leave Brandon's preschool that he just started and loved.

Well, when the Lord wants you to go somewhere, sometimes he has to nudge you just a little (or practically push you off the cliff!) to help you take that leap.  Our nudge came last Friday.  Out of nowhere, and without any real explanation,  I was "terminated" from my after school program job that was supplying the biggest part of my income.   

Again, moving to Utah came up.  I began searching teaching jobs, and after talking with a friend who works in Utah, decided that I'd be able to start as a substitute teacher (and actually get sub jobs!) immediately while looking for full time work.  We found a store in the company that Nick works for that he could transfer to and it has advancement opportunities, and could give him far more hours than what he gets now.  And then he'd only have one job and would be able to sleep at night instead of going off to work the graveyard shift at Target.

So, goodbye:

Welcome to:

Assuming his boss is able to find someone to cover his position (which will probably happen), Nick will be leaving this weekend and staying with my sister and her family.  He starts work in American Fork, Utah on Monday.  Brandon and I will move in with my mom Thanksgiving weekend and spend December with her to save money for our big move to Sandy, Utah shortly after Christmas.

We are so excited to move!  I'm hesitant of the snow, but I've lived in it before.  I'll adjust and be able to drive without killing anyone.  I want to be back inside the "bubble" that I was in when I went to BYU-Idaho.

I've lived in California my entire life, with the exception of 2 years of college in Idaho that I don't count.  The nostalgic side of me is reflecting on the pros and cons to leaving.

The Pros to leaving:
  • We can get out of this far-left state that has no real leadership
  • We can get away from a state that continues to take money away from education, and has crappy schools because of it
  • This state has one of, if not the highest debt of any state in the country and will be bankrupt soon; really don't want to be here when that happens
  • The unemployment rate is ridiculous here
  • Nick has the chance to advance at his job if he transfers to Utah
  • I have the opportunity to finally find a full time teaching job and use the credential I spent years in college (and acquired debt through student loans) to obtain
  • We can get away from the heat!!  I love the cold and my philosophy is that it's easier to warm up than it is to cool off
  • My sis is so excited to watch Brandon while I awesome
  • Moving forces us to "spring clean" now; time to throw needless stuff away, which I've wanted to do for months

The Cons to leaving:
  • My mom is here.  Brandon not being able to see grandma will be difficult for him, but Skype can help with that.  On the flip side, we know where she'll be retiring to when the time comes; all her family will be in Utah!
  • Nick's whole family is here; leaving them will be hard
  • I love Brandon's preschool.  He continues to learn so much every day.
  • I hate packing!  Well, not so much the packing, but I hate loading and unloading moving trucks; absolutely hate it!
  • I have a wonderful neurologist.  Finding her was a miracle and I hope that I can find another wonderful doctor in Utah
  • We have a wonderful family doctor who is great with Brandon and truly cares about the patient instead of how much money he can make from you
Clearly the pros outweigh the cons

I realize that Utah will have it's flaws.  There are imperfections wherever you move to, but it's time for a change. 



  1. WOW!!!! That is awesome!!!! I am not thrilled that you'll be seperated for a month, but I understand that you need to make sure that Nick needs to get things organized before the family can move over...Tim

  2. well, just found out he won't be moving until thanksgiving's great because he'll be around to help with the move!!

  3. Thats so exciting for you! this is going to sound silly because i'm not realted to you in any way and we never have been super close, but the first thing that popped into my head when you said that you were moving was.....what about your awesome Doctor?!?!?! i really hope that you can find another awesome Doctor who cares just as much if not more, and willing to give that 110%. Goodluck on your newest adventure!