Friday, November 19, 2010

Google Cloud Picker????

Okay, is anyone else having trouble uploading images onto their blog postings because of this program called Google Cloud Picker?  When you click the insert image button it asks you to sign into google cloud picker.  When you try to sign on, it immediately tells you there was an error and it won't allow you to upload anything.

I've done a little research on Google and apparently it's becoming a big problem for a lot of bloggers.  And google has given no official way of fixing it, that I've been able to find. 

I've switched to the old blog editor, which seems to help a lot of people.  It occasionally allows me to upload a picture like before, but then tells me that the server has rejected the picture and I'm still stuck.

Unfortunately until I can get this fixed, my blog posts are going to be video and pictureless....I'M VERY UPSET.

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