Monday, November 22, 2010

Musicals Monday

When I created YouTube Friday I didn't realize I would find so many videos that I'd want to share with everyone.  There's one genre of video I have found so many of that I've decided to create a new page devoted to it.

I LOVE musicals!  This should be no surprise since music is such an important part of my life.  My entire life I have watched them with my family, singing along the whole way through.

Musicals Monday will be my opportunity to share these clips with you.  From the musicals of the 1950s and 1960s up to the musicals of today.

The first clip is from one of my favorite movies, Funny Girl.  The fact that it's a musical just makes it that much sweeter.   Filmed in 1968, it tells the life of comedienne Fannie Brice, from her early days in the Jewish slums of the Lower East Side, to the height of her career with the Ziegfeld Follies, including her marriage to and eventual divorce from her first husband, Nick Arnstein. 

The song here is titled Don't Rain on My Parade.  Fanny wants to leave her job and run off the meet Nick, the man she's in love with.  Her friends and co-workers are trying to convince her to stay. 

Starring the incredible Barbara Streisand, it is one of the funniest musicals ever!

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