Monday, November 29, 2010

We Made It!

Thursday was a VERY LONG day!  We left at 4:30am and didn't get to my sister's house until about 9:30pm!! 

The trip to Utah wasn't too bad.  There were a few incidents that occured that I hope to one day look back and laugh about!  We were very lucky and didn't hit any snow.  On our first stop in Sacramento, Nick discovered that the tires to the car trailer didn't have enough air in them.  (We were towing his truck)  He went to fill them up and instead of putting air in the tires, the air pump was sucking the air OUT.  So, we had to find another gas station to fix that problem.

Making it over the mountains and into Nevada was smooth.  Nick did a wonderful job driving the big moving truck, keeping it on the road as it fishtailed in the back.

At one point while driving through the LONG STRETCH OF NOTHING in Nevada, we hit a rough patch in the road.  It took my mom off guard, and she was driving my car.  We knew Nick was going to have his work cut out for him.  She and I watched as Nick hit the same spot and nearly rolled the truck off the road!  It swerved from side to side multiple times, but somehow Nick managed to keep the truck from tipping.  Simply amazing.

Further into the trip Nick realized that the transmission on the moving truck wasn't working anymore.  Thankfully we were pretty much done climbing, but at one point Nick was only able to drive about 30mph!  Dumb rental trucks!

The rest of the trip was boring until we got into Salt Lake City.  It was completely dark and we somehow got separated from Nick.  We accidentally took different exits, which were the wrong exits to take, and ended up in a completely different town.  By now we were all so tired of the car that this was very frustrating.  With the help of a wonderful man at a gas station, mom and I were able to get to my sister's house.  My sister helped direct Nick to her house and finally around 9:30pm we were all there!

The next day we had help unloading the truck and since Friday it's been all unpacking.  By tomorrow the apartment should be in order.  Pictures will come as soon as I can find my camera!

It has been snowing this weekend, and I've already had the opportunity to drive in it; and I lived to tell about it!  We've gotten snow boots, gloves, warmer pjs, floor mats for our cars, and ice scrapers and brushes for our vehicles.  My experience living in the snow while at BYU-Idaho is slowly coming back to me.

Tomorrow I'm off for a substitute teacher orientation and will hopefully begin working soon! 

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  1. wow! you have a crappy moving truck and close to disaster on the rough patch, and i had a barfing erinn for 40% of our moving trip to idaho. some how i think moving is suppose to be adventurous.... but i don't like the adventures that we both have had! so maybe next time when we both move everything will be super smooth... with a boring report! hmmmm sounds good to me!