Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Who Sings It Better?

We've made it to the holiday season which means, CHRISTMAS MUSIC! 

Something I've always enjoyed is listening to different artists cover the same songs.  Hearing how each person adds their own personal flare to a song is fun.  Sometimes the songs are good, and sometimes they aren't.  Each time I hear a cover I find one version that I like best and stick to that one.

So, tonight I'm going to give you two versions of my favorite Christmas song:  Mary, Did You Know?  I'll tell you which version I like best at the end.  Don't peek, I don't want to influence your opinion!!

First up is a version by Mark Lowry, a member of Gaither Vocal Band:

And the next version is by Donny Osmond:

The first time I heard this song, it was the version by Donny Osmond.  Mark Lowry, the gentleman from the first clip, is the man who actually wrote this beautiful song.  I didn't hear his version until much later.

Which do I prefer?  I will take Donny Osmond every day of the week!  I love Mark Lowry's version, but Donny's voice just makes me melt! 

Many other artists have covered this song; Kenny Rogers, Clay Aiken, to name a few.  I chose these two versions because I like them the best.

So, who sings it better?

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  1. its a tough choice i really like the mark lowry version, but i also like donny osmonds because his sounds a little more.... reverent i gues you could say.