Tuesday, December 14, 2010

California Vs. Utah

Well, we've been living Utah almost three weeks now, and we've had the chance to notice many differences between California and Utah.

People in Utah seem less patient...if you can believe it!  This surprised us because we thought it would be the complete opposite.  When it comes to waiting for their tires to be changed, and being stuck behind you while you wait to make a left hand turn against traffic, Utahans simply aren't very nice! 

Driving is quite a different experience.  Everyone goes with the speed of traffic, instead of one person flying past you in a hurry.  Where Chevron gas is the most ridiculously expensive gas in California, it's the CHEAPER gas out here!  And there is construction all over the place. 

I think I understand why people in Sandy don't speed very often:  the Sandy Police Department.  They have a quota to reach each month in regards to how many traffic tickets they "give" out.  (I think this should be illegal, oh well) They are ALL OVER THE PLACE, and their cars aren't like "normal" police vehicles. 

The Sandy police drive mustangs, and other cars that don't LOOK like police vehicles, giving you a false sense of security while you drive 40mph in a 35mph zone and get pulled over!  A colleague at work said that her husband received a ticket for changing lanes.  Apparently he didn't have his blinker on long enough before he went from one lane to the other!  Nick brought up a good point:  Utah doesn't have the same worries as California:  gangs, drugs, etc.  The police in Cali are more concerned with that than if we're driving 5 miles over the speed limit.  Sandy apparently has nothing better to do than be nit-picky...oh, fun!

The school system in Utah is very different.  A teacher's worst student in Utah would be considered the student in the middle of the class, if not the best student in a California class.  The first day of my current long term sub job, the teacher gave me the keys to her class.  I went to lock it at lunch and she laughed.  Teachers leave their doors unlocked and open the entire day!  I simply couldn't believe that.  If we did that in California, everything in the school would be stolen!

There was a Kindergarten program today.  During the program, that included several Christmas songs, they sang a song about Jesus' birth.  That would NEVER would happen in California!  It's such a politically correct state that if a school even tried it the parents would go crazy!

At lunch today, I discovered a teacher's daughter is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and a bunch of teachers are going to the Conference Center Friday in Salt Lake City to hear David Archuleta sing with them.  There were other teacher's in the room who weren't members and they knew EXACTLY what we were talking about!  In California if you mention President Monson, or President Utchdorf, more likely than not they would have NO IDEA who you were talking about!


My entire life I've lived in California.  There are only 7 temples in that state:  Oakland (my fave), Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Redlands, and San Diego.  Each temple has always been at least an hour drive from where I've lived.

From where we live now, we are only 20 minutes away from the following temples, and we can see them while we're just driving through town!  Sounds geeky, but it is so awesome for someone who has never lived close enough to a temple that you can just see it from where you live!! 

Draper, Utah

Jordan River, Utah

Oquirrh Mountain, Utah

Along with these three temples, there are 4 other temples that are within 45 minutes of us:

Mount Tipanogos, American Fork, Utah

Bountiful, Utah

Ogden, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

So, I've gone from having just 7 in the entire state of California, to having 7 within 45 minutes away from me!!  And don't get me started on how many church buildings there are in town!  They are all over the place.  And just because you live across the street from one, that doesn't mean it's the building you attend church at!

When you walk into Walmart, there is an entire Latter-day Saints section simply for books!  President Monson's book is throughout the entire store.  The first time I saw this, I forgot I was in Walmart and thought I was at a church bookstore!

Clearly job searching is easier here than it ever was in California!  11 days after moving here, I landed a long term sub job, with other jobs to follow!

There are restaurants everywhere in Sandy.  The Sizzler in California is MUCH better.  The seafood salad here (which has always been my favorite part of Sizzler), is just a lot of celery with little bits of crab thrown in so they can call it "seafood" salad.  Oh, I wanted to cry.

The view of the mountains is incredible.  Here is a look at what we see everyday:

Yep, two temples, just a few miles apart!

Overall, life in Utah is great.  We haven't been hit too hard with snow yet, though we know it will be coming again soon...and it will be coming hard.  I've already driven in snow and haven't killed anyone, so I'm hopeful that I can make it through the winter.

So far, in the California Vs. Utah debate, Utah is winning!

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  1. yes i have to say that utah drivers are aweful. and a lot of idaho drivers too.