Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten On Tuesday

Ten (well, 8) News Stories/Celebrities You're Tired Of (not in order)

The "Birthers"
Is Obama a natural-born citizen?  LET IT GO.  Worry about the fact that he is doing a horrible job as president instead!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
I'm thrilled that they are happy, but we don't need to know every time they go on vacation with only half of their children!  Plus, I'm still getting over the fact that he left Jennifer Aniston....so unforgiveable! 

Lady GaGa
I just don't understand the obsession with her; she is a weird person.  After wearing this meat "costume" did the FDA have to test her for Salmonella Poisioning?!?

Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel
I'm not tired of Glenn or Fox, I'm tired of how they are treated.  Stop blaming Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel for everything that is wrong in this country.  He's one man who is expressing his opinion, and one news channel that actually provides the whole story!

The entire cast of Jersey Shore
I've never even seen an episode, and you couldn't pay me enough money to watch one, but I'm tired of them!

Bret Michaels
Now, I enjoyed him on Celebrity Apprentice, I enjoy his music, and I'm thrilled that he is now healthy after some scary moments, but his personal life is something I am just SO TIRED of hearing about!  From all the stupid VH1 "reality" shows about finding love, to actually finding love, enough already!

Keith Olbermann
I don't think this needs any real explanation.  Maybe MSNBC is coming to their senses.  He's off the air (for now), again, LET IT GO!

Joy Behar
Why does ABC allow her to remain on the air when she says the most ridiculous things?  Besides saying stupid things, her actions are horrible.  Remember walking out when Bill O'Reilly was on the program?

I realize this is only 8 stories/celebrities, but this list was harder than I thought it was going to be!

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  1. In the words of that fat caterpillar on "A Bug's Life", "Let me help you to finish it!"

    9. Twilight: I know you don't agree, but if I have to see another brooding magazine cover of Edward and Bella, in all of their soap opera passion, someone might get hurt. I mean, the guy sucks blood. Can you imagine the morning breath?

    10. Oprah: The woman now has her own network so her minions, I mean fans, can follow her 24-7? And her face on the cover of her own self-titled magazine every month? Narcissism at it's best and most lucrative. Stop the madness people!

    PS Brad didn't leave Jennifer, he CHEATED on her and then lied about it. Reason #1757 I can't stand him and Suzie Homewrecker.

    PSS Thanks. I needed to vent today.