Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who Sings It Better?


Moulin Rouge is a great musical, one of my favorites.  It's another example of actors who can truly sing; well, more Ewan McGregor than Nicole Kidman, but she holds her own pretty well.  And who are we kidding; I'll watch Ewan McGregor any chance I get!!

For today we have two versions of the love song, "Come What May"; the only song actually written for the movie. 

First off, the version from the movie:

Next is a "remix" version that I first heard while watching all the extra footage on the DVD.

So, which do I prefer?  Well, I'm a sucker for a good love song, and the slow version of Come What May is just that; a sappy, sweet, wish -Ewan- McGregor- was- singing- it- to- me; love song!

The fast version isn't bad, it just sounds off to me.  At times the music doesn't quite match up to the singing, and you can tell that it wasn't a fast song to begin with.

The slow, movie version wins for me.

Which do you prefer?

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