Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten On Tuesday


10 Television Shows You'd Like To Have (or already have) on DVD

Alias:  I have all 5 seasons of this awesome series

Golden Girls:  I have season 1 and 2.  Someday I want to complete the set

Whose Line Is It Anyway:  For some reason this hilarious show has never been completely released on DVD.  Only season one and two have made it so far, with a "best of" DVD.  Someday I hope people can persuade the "powers that be" to release every season.  I would buy it in a heartbeat! 

Burn Notice:  I have every season, and can't wait for season 4 to come out!

Friends:  At one point between my mother, sister, and myself we had all 10 seasons...now I only have season 4

Now for the television shows that I don't have any seasons of, but would love to have them if I could!

Charmed:  Laugh all you want.  I didn't find this show until it started playing in syndication.  This show is simple fun for me!

NCIS:  LA -  I wasn't sure I was going to like this NCIS spin-off.  But I've been pleasantly surprised.  They seem to be getting better with each episode and I've found myself coming back each week to watch. 

CSI:  NY - Another show I didn't find until I saw it in syndication, Gary Sinise is a very good looking man!  I enjoy these characters.

 The Mentalist:  Simply a great show.  The characters have great chemistry, and Simon Baker is so wonderful to watch!

NCIS:  Before I die this is the ONE show I will have EVERY SEASON of on DVD!  This is the most exciting, funny, heartbreaking show on television...I LOVE IT!!

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