Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Makes The Craziness Worth It

Remember these wonderful kids?  This is the second grade class I long term subbed for when I first moved here.  Their teacher had reconstructive knee surgery and was out for about 6 weeks.

I LOVED this class.  They were a great way to be introduced into teaching in Utah.

Yesterday when I checked the school mailbox for the teacher I was subbing for, I found a manilla envelope addressed to me.  I never get mail, so I was excited.  I opened up the folder and inside was a note from the teacher I subbed for telling me that the class was attempting their first letter writing assignment and there were 25 letters for me!!  I almost started crying right there. 

Below are a few of the letters that were written.

This is what makes all the craziness of teaching worth it.  Touching the hearts of these students just makes all the bad melt away.  And it's always nice to know that you are in fact changing someone's life for the better!

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