Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Know You're Meant To Be Here When...

The past month I've been long term subbing in a Kindergarten class at one of the more difficult schools in the district.  It hasn't been the easiest job, but it's been one that I've worked very hard at doing my very best.

Yesterday the Principal and Vice Principal informed me that my services would no longer be necessary in that position.  I was canned.  They gave me their reasons, which, for the sake of this post aren't important.  If you'd like to know about it, ask me!

Normally when something like this happens, I would be BAWLING my eyes out.  This time I was completely able to continue my conversation with the Principal and Vice Principal and leave.  I called the sub office, where I got a little emotional with the wonderful lady who works there.  The last thing I need is for this to reflect badly on me when I'm trying so hard to get a full time job in this district.  She reassured me that this was no problem at all.

Leaving the school, I was calm.  It was very odd.  I just knew that everything was going to be okay.  I knew that the phone would continue to ring, that I would continue teaching.  My mom and Nick were concerned, but I wasn't.

Well this morning I received a phone call.  I'm starting another long term sub job Monday for a 3rd grade class! 

It's times like these I know without a shadow of a doubt that moving to Utah was the right thing for us to do.  We have loved EVERY minute of being here, and I've worked more inside the classroom in the three months we've been here than my entire time in California!!  (well, maybe not my entire time in California, but you catch the drift!)


  1. i'm glad you got a replacement job super quickly! thats awesome!

  2. You are good example of faith. So glad things are working out! Miss you! P.S. What is your mom's e-mail address? I tried writing her, but it came back to me?