Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Anticipation....

I'm not very big on movies.  The only "blockbuster" I saw last year was Inception.  It usually takes me a year or so to see the movies that people talk about all year.  I still haven't seen Iron Man, or most movies nominated for Academy Awards.

When I saw the trailer for the movie Cowboys & Aliens, I was excited, even though it seemed a little odd.  Not only does it star Daniel Craig, who is the lastest James Bond, BUT it also stars Harrison Ford.  Then I saw the famous names associated with this movie and became even more excited:  Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jon Favreau (who also directed Iron Man).

This is one movie I will drag Nick to see.  Here's to hoping that it is a summer blockbuster and not a disappointing flop!!

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