Saturday, April 16, 2011

Teaching Is The Best Job In The World!

The past five weeks I've been a long term sub for a 3rd grade class.  It has been the most wonderful five weeks.  Great kids, an incredible, helpful staff, and parents that are involved and want to support you.

Yesterday was my last day, and I received a flower delivery from the teacher I was subbing for.

I was also treated to a special lunch provided by the rest of the third grade team.  They brought a homemade spaghetti lunch, complete with garlic bread and dessert.  It was wonderful...I almost cried!

This third grade class is very close to my heart.  They all got a kick out of my love for Star Wars, the originals, not the prequels that they all grew up with!  Yes, we had many conversations over the weeks about my incredible dislike for those.....I even "turned" a few of the kids once I pitched why I don't like the prequels!  Does that mean I'm an evil Jedi?!?

I was blown away when I discovered this class of 8 and 9 year olds not only knew who the Beatles were, but knew the lyrics to their songs!

What I love the most about this class is their heart.  They are sweet, they care, and show you that by the way they behave in the classroom. 

They all asked me before class was over yesterday if I was going to forget who they are?  No guys, you will remain close to my heart forever!

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