Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten On Tuesday


10 Things You'd Buy (or do) If You Had 1 Million Dollars

OOOO, this question.  This is an evil, but very fun question!  Sorry, I'm not going to say that I'd give all the money to charity because, let's face it, right now I wish that money grew on trees!  What would I buy, well here we go!

1.  It may not be the most glorious thing, but I would pay off debt first.  Then the fun would really begin!

2.  Purchase / build a nice house.  Not a mansion, but the house of my dreams.  ( this isn't the house of my dreams...I haven't found it yet!)

3.  Put money away for Brandon's future

4.  Give money to both my sister and mother

5.  Buy a nice new car.  I've always wanted a blue F150

6.  Splurge on all the latest technology that I don't have:  Ipad, Ipod, new cell phone (with the internet!), all the good stuff!

7.  I would hire Jillian Michaels to come and whip me into shape and teach me how to stay that way!

8.  Receive a much needed makeover....and I wouldn't cry about it like the girls on America's Next Top Model!!  Let's face it, they ALWAYS look better after the makeover.  Why they continue to cry instead of trust the world famous people helping them is beyond me!!

9.  Go on an awesome vacation.  However, I don't know where I would go.  Hawaii, Paris, Australia; it depends on how much money I had.  Maybe go all three places!

10.  Finally, if there was any money left over, I would put it away in savings so that someday when I need it again, it will be there!

Oh well, a person can always dream!!

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