Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten On Tuesday


10 Favorite Blogs/Websites

My college roommate, Beth started this blog last year.  She is an AMAZING decorator, and comes up with the most facinating things.  And she does it all by spending very little money.

People who make mistakes baking cakes and other pasteries often provide a lot of laughs!  This blog is all about that.

I reference this website a lot, especially when it comes to my Star Wars Saturday postings.  I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! 

When I first started blogging last September, this blog helped me figure out how to do all of this. If I hadn't found this blog, I probably wouldn't still be doing this...I would've died of frustration!

Easy Blog Tips!

5.  A Little Pink In A World Of Camo
This was one of the first blogs I found, back when Nick was thinking about joining the Navy.  It's all about a woman whose husband was killed last year in Afghanistan.  He never met his baby girl.  I found the blog right after her husband was killed and it has been heartwrenching, and exciting to read about her life story.

6.  SDesigns Photography
Another friend from college has become a fantastic photographer.  This blog is devoted to the wonderful work that he does.

7.  The Cutest Blog On The Block
This blog provides backgrounds, blinkies, buttons, all the things you need to make blogging fun.

8.  CBS
I know, it sounds really lame, but if this website didn't exist, I wouldn't be able to watch new episodes of NCIS, or Survivor!  I would be LOST without this website!

9.  StarWars.com
This website isn't here for me.  I thank StarWars.com for providing kid friendly video games for Brandon because not only can I send him away to play when I'm ready to kill him, but I don't have to buy a Wii and all the stuff that comes with it!

10.  Disney Junior
Another website with kid friendly, teaching games that Brandon can play and actually learn from, while not driving me crazy in the process!

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  1. Wendy!! You're awesome! Thank you for reading my blog - I'm glad you like it!!! I also love Sneaky Momma. What a huge help, huh? Miss you!