Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Son, The Scene Stealer

Last week my sister was a substitute teacher at the last school I long term subbed for before taking on the APA job.  She was in the 3rd grade, teaching the class next to the one I was in.

When the kids found out that she was my sister, they went crazy!

The kids had always wanted me to bring Brandon to school, but that just wasn't something I could do.  With the school year ending, I sent the teacher an email and today Brandon and I went to visit the class.

When we arrived, the 3rd graders were finishing up a talent show.  We walked in as quietly as we could, but the minute the kids saw me, screams of "Mrs. Toale, Mrs. Toale!" could be heard.  They were all so excited to not only see me, but Brandon as well.

The talent show continued, with the teacher I subbed for taking the role of emcee.  Brandon was getting into it, wondering if the kids liked him.  When the teacher asked if anyone else had a talent, Brandon raised his hand and started walking towards the center of the room.  And the fun began.

The teacher asked Brandon what his name was and how old he was.  Thankfully, he answered correctly both times.  Then she asked if he had a talent he wanted to share.  He said yes and she asked him to pick someone out of the audience to help him.  All the kids raised their hands, and he picked out one of the sweetest girls from my class who wasn't raising her hand!  As the kids went crazy, someone asked if Brandon was going to marry this girl, and he said yes, sending them into complete craziness.

Well, Brandon, one to never walk away from attention, just started laughing and laughing.  The teacher asked Brandon if he had a girlfriend, and he told everyone his mommy is his girlfriend!  Right on, Brandon!!

We went back to the classroom, and Brandon ran around with the third graders who were just loving him....mostly the girls.....should that surprise anyone?!?

All the kids wanted my autograph (year book signing), and a few tried to get Brandon's.  He's working on being able to write!  They were asking him if he liked Star Wars (this class and I have a special bond about Star Wars.  They know how much I absolutely LOVE it!), and trying to get any information out of him that they could.  It was too funny.

My son, the attention loving, "pick me, pick me" shouting, four year old, stole the show.  It was the most hilarious thing to watch.  I only wish I had my camera with me.  That would have been too perfect!

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