Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trapped, Unless Out By 9am

I opened my front door this afternoon to find a notice that says:

"The breezeway in your building is scheduled to be painted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011.  Please be cautious of this and remove all items by your front door, and do not walk across the breezeway from 9am - 4pm as the paint will be wet"

I wasn't exactly sure what the "breezeway" was, so I called down to the office and was told that it's the front part of our apartment, by the door.  I wanted to clarify something, so I asked why we couldn't walk outside our apartment.  They aren't painting the ground, are they?

They are.  So, we're either out of the apartment by 9am tomorrow, or we're trapped inside it until the paint dries!  The lady I was talking to actually said this to me!

I took something to the mailbox and discovered that they have been busy preparing for tomorrow's painting fiasco.  Our doormat was soaking wet, as there is someone spraying down the "breezeway" to the apartments.  I wouldn't have swept my doorway this morning if I'd known someone was going to do it for me!

From our front door, looking out at the "breezeway".  Yes, that's cement that they're going to paint.  Why?  Oh, just to be stupid, waste money, and cause trouble for tenants!

Soaked doormat

The man and machine causing the trouble today

Now I have to decide what I'll be doing tomorrow. I have errands that I need to run, but they won't take 7 HOURS to complete!  I suppose Brandon and I can go hang out with my sister and niece and nephews tomorrow, but then I loose my precious exercise time.  

We could attempt to stay home, and just have one massive inside play day.  Games, music, dancing (Brandon LOVES to dance), movies.  I have no idea what we'll do.  Guess I'd better figure it out quickly.

I can't wait to get out of this apartment complex this fall!  I am so tired of living in apartment environments, I'm ready to scream

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