Friday, June 24, 2011

Week Three

Weight Loss Challenge

Saturday, Sunday & Monday
I decided to treat myself to an unhealthy lunch on Saturday.  I've been such a good girl for two weeks!  I paid for it on Sunday, however, as the scale went right back up!

I wasn't very happy with my weight loss last week, and after stepping on the scale today (Monday) to see I've put on 1/2 a pound, I've decided to change up my exercising this week.  I want to loose more, so I need to exercise more; plain and simple.

Years ago I got an exercise tape from a man named Gilad, famous for his ESPN show Bodies In Motion.  Last time I lost a ton of weight, I used his tape and did really well.  It's a very difficult, and LONG 45 minutes, but since it's proven very effective for me in the past, I'm going to try it again.

What doesn't kill me will make me stronger, right?  And it might even speed up my weight loss!

Well, Gilad didn't kill me, however, I did have to slow down a few times.  Great thing is that I felt wonderful when I was done, and when I stepped on the scale today, success:  not only did I loose the 1/2 pound I put on, but another two ounces on top of that....almost a full pound!  Up to 6.2 pounds lost so far!

I am so excited to see the scale finally go down again, I can't wait to use that video again today!

(Later Tuesday)
I am craving chocolate SO BADLY right now!  I want cookies, cake, ANYTHING chocolate!!!  I hate this part of trying to loose weight!

Stepped on the scale today and almost fell over....1.5 pounds down!  I am 2 ounces from 8 pounds lost in three weeks! 

It's looking like the change in my exercise regimen is working since the weight is dropping again:  or my body just woke up from the slumber it was in last week!  Either way, I will take it!

Check out my Wordless Wednesday post to learn how I expressed my chocolate craving!

Thursday I put 1/2 a pound back on, and today (Friday), I'm back up to 7 pounds lost.  So, I put the 1.5 pounds I lost on Wednesday back on.  Oh well, my loss for the week is still 1 pound, and I'll take it, even though I'm bummed about it!

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