Friday, June 17, 2011

Week Two

Weight Loss Challenge

Saturday & Sunday

I start week two a little bummed out because I'm maintaining my weight, which is good, but haven't lost any weight since Thursday.  I'm thrilled that I haven't gained though!


Yippie skippie!  Got on the scale today and lost another 0.8 pounds!  5.2 total lost!  I did level one of a Jillian Michaels DVD today and worked muscles that I forgot I had.  This will be the routine I do to help me widdle away my waistline!  And hey, Brandon is enjoying using my weights when I'm not using them, so that's cute!


I was right.....Jillian kicked my butt!  I woke up this morning SO VERY SORE!  I think I'll take a break today and clean the house!  I'll give my body a day to recover and then back to Jillian tomorrow.  Weight stayed the same, so I'm happy.


This was a rough week!  After a day of recovering from Jillian's "take down", I continued exercising, but the scale wasn't moving!  Trying not to get discouraged, I kept eating right.

The scale FINALLY moved this morning!  My total weight loss for this week:  1.6 pounds.

2 week total:  6 pounds even

Here's to hoping the scale moves faster next week!

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