Friday, July 1, 2011

June in Pictures

Is it already July?  Wow, this year is flying by!

We started the month with Brandon taking his first swim of the year!

The water was cold, and by this point, Brandon's fingernails were blue!  Can you say hypothermia?!?

Next came his cousin's 6th birthday party.  My sister went all out and made it a Tangled theme party!

Pin the frying pan on Flynn Ryder's nose!

Next came the complexes annual "paint the cement, trapping your tenants inside, because we're stupid" day!

"Toga, toga!"

And now, for the BEST pictures of the month:

Daddy and Brandon playing Stormtroopers!  Can you notice Daddy's lips puckered up as he makes the sound effects?  Too cute!

And now, flying through the air like a space ship

This boy is such a ham!!

And now, the final picture:  but first, the story behind it.

Nick works at Target.  One morning they were putting up displays for the new Cars 2 movie.  There was an extra display, so Nick brought it home.  It now proudly hangs in Brandon's room!

I promise, the picture is hanging straight, I just took a bad picture!

With Grandma coming to visit on Friday for the weekend, July should be a month of great pictures!  Can't wait!

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