Friday, July 29, 2011

YouTube Friday


Years ago I was a HUGE baseball fan.  I fell in love with the Atlanta Braves and watched them constantly on TV.  Over the years I stopped keeping up with baseball, mostly because the network TBS stopped broadcasting Braves games.  Click here to read all about my obsession!

Anyway, I saw a clip the other day that blew my mind.  This has to be the WORST call in baseball history....and it helped the Braves win.

Jimmy Kimmel (dressed up like Daniel Craig in the new movie Cowboys and Aliens) describes it perfectly.

Is it obvious to everyone else that this umpire should be fired?  The ball was CLEARLY at the plate LONG before the base runner made it, and the catcher CLEARLY tagged the base runner out LONG before he reached home plate!  WHAT THE HECK IS THIS ALL ABOUT?!?  Wrong, so very wrong!

Happy Friday everyone!

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