Monday, August 8, 2011

Musicals Monday


Years ago, when I was attending BYU-Idaho (Ricks College), my roommate and I were in love with the Beatles movie Help!  At the time the movie was released, the group didn't like the movie at all.  They've since commented that they were stoned out of their minds through most of the production....which is one of the reasons it is SO FUNNY.  It is goofy, and full of music.

Here's a brief summary of the movie:

An Eastern cult discovers that the sacrificial ring is missing. Ringo, drummer of The Beatles band has it; sent by the girl (who's to be sacrificed) as a gift. Clang, Ahme, Bhuta and several cult members leave for London to retrieve the ring. After several failed attempts to steal the ring, they confront him in an Indian restaurant. Ringo learns that if he does not return the ring soon, he will become the next sacrifice. Ringo then discovers that the ring is stuck on his finger. Its a race against time; John, Paul, and George try to protect their friend while they're all being chased not only by Clang and his minions, but also by two mad scientists and the chief inspector of Scotland yard. Will Ringo be saved, or will he be sacrificed?

The following clip shows five failed attempts to steal the ring.  Number four is by far the best, followed by the fifth attempt that shows the song, You're Gonna Loose That Girl

For Musicals Monday, the Beatles Help!

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