Saturday, August 6, 2011

Star Wars Saturday

Brandon started school this week, and when I drop him off each day I see lunch boxes for the kids.  Lunch boxes....hmm; interesting.  So today we're going to journey into the land of Star Wars lunch boxes.

These are a few of the lunch boxes I've seen on the shelves at stores.  One of the students in my class at APA had the R2-D2 lunch box, and I just laughed!

Classic "roll top" lunch boxes 

Another look at the R2-D2 lunch box

If I was going to pick a lunch box, I wouldn't want one that they sell today.  In my opinion, the vintage lunch boxes are by far the best!

I love the last two.  If I had to pick my favorite, the last lunch box would be the one for me.  The colors are great, and I love the pictures on it.  Great shots of Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker!

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