Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week Twelve

Weight Loss Challenge

(This has been a CRAZY week since I've been getting my classroom ready for school.  My week twelve update isn't great, sorry!)

My week has started off fantastic!  Today is Tuesday and since Friday I've lost four pounds!  I don't know what it is that is happening, but I'M LOVING IT!  I haven't exercised since last Tuesday morning and my body is still helping me out!  My mom can't believe it, and asks how I'm doing this....the only thing I can think of is the fact that I'm eating healthy, despite my INCREDIBLE desire for the Dove chocolate I have in the kitchen!  Yes, I was bad and bought some, so shoot me!

Now on to Wednesday.  This is a joyous day; for today, I passed my half way mark!  I've lost 28.2 pounds!!!  Since Friday, 5.6lbs!  And for the first time since I began the challenge, I've lost 10 pounds in a month.  As of today, 10.2 for the month, and there's still a week to go! 

I ended the week maintaining the 28.2lb loss.  I will take it and be happy.  Let's see what happens next week when school starts.  I'm hoping that since I'll be on my feet all day, the scale will continue to show smaller numbers.  We shall see!

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