Thursday, September 1, 2011

Star Wars Saturday


Get ready friends, this is a long and emotion filled entry!!!!!

The Star Wars Trilogy comes out on Blu-Ray September 16th.  I've been back and forth about whether or not I was going to purchase this nine disc set that will contain three discs of bonus footage.  A few years ago when episodes 4-6 were released on DVD there was a lot of bonus footage and through my research I've discovered that the 3 extra discs won't be worth it.  (Click here to see the details for the blu-ray package.)  If there was commentary by more of the principal actors, maybe I'd go for it.

Another reason I've been on the fence is because I've heard that George Lucas once again couldn't help himself and made more changes to what were once the greatest movies ever made....prequels not counting.  I read that the changes would be SUBTLE changes; mainly that in The Phantom Menace Yoda would now be completely CGI instead of a puppet.  That doesn't bother me at all.

However, today I've made my decision....there is NO WAY I will be purchasing the blu-ray version.  And I'm seriously considering finding the websites that have been created for the sole purpose of promoting the boycott of the blu-ray version and signing my name to them.

The internet is on FIRE with the news that George Lucas has gone and done it again.   And this is no subtle change, especially if you are a die hard fan like myself.  No, this change comes to one of, if not THE MOST POWERFUL scenes in all 6 movies; the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader's sacrifice to save his son, Luke.

This ending sequence is my FAVORITE part of the entire saga.  Here is the scene the way it has played out since the movie was released in 1983:

Let me ask you this:  is there anything wrong with this scene?  NO!  But, remember, we're dealing with George Lucas, the man who continues to think that he needs to screw around with the movies that are beloved, and obsessed about by so many people.  In George Lucas's twisted mind, since the release of Revenge of the Sith, something is now missing.

At the end of Revenge of the Sith, when the Emperor tells Darth Vader, (who has just been put into the black suit,) that his wife is dead, he yells out, "NOOOOOOO!".  It was a stupid line.

Well, ladies and gentleman:  Georgie Boy has now inserted that STUPID LINE into the end of the scene when the Emperor is killed.  Why?  Who knows.  Here is how the climactic scene will now play out:

Are you absolutely kidding me?!?

The reason this scene is so powerful is because there is no dialogue.  The incredible music by John Williams puts all the emotion there for you.  Watching Darth Vader looking back and forth from Luke to the Emperor, you can almost see the expression on his face......even though he's wearing a mask.  And when he finally turns, with conviction, towards the Emperor, picks him up and throws him down the shaft of the Death Star.....I get goosebumps; even though I know it's coming!  When I saw this scene in the theatre, we all screamed and applauded!  Brandon jumps for joy each time he sees it too!!

In 1997 when the "Special Editions" came out, there was so much excitement because many of us, myself included, had never witnessed Star Wars in a theatre.  And then we saw them...and were furious about many things that were changed.

I've made a few blog posts about the changes that I thought were ridiculous.  Greedo Shooting First was one of them.  When The Empire Strikes Back came out, another change was made.  A conversation between The Emperor and Darth Vader was now different.

We were mad, but we still purchased the DVDs when they came out because we love these movies.  But now I've had it!  George Lucas has every right to destroy his own movies, but if he's going to release them on blu-ray, why not put the ABSOLUTE, before-he-messed-with-them originals in the package for the millions of fans who are FURIOUS about the continual changes?  We too would love to enjoy Star Wars.

I would've spent the money on the blu-ray package just to get my hands on the original versions in a better format.  Now, the only copy I have of them is on VHS....and they aren't even my copies....they originally belonged to my husband!!!!

So here's to you George Lucas.  Thanks for once again letting your millions of fans down.  Maybe next time you release these movies you will fix those that really need to be messed with....THE PREQUELS!

Click here to read many of the articles that sent the internet into a flurry.

Finally, I will now quote from Darth Vader, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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