Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week Fourteen

Weight Loss Challenge

Week Fourteen has started out fantastically!  It's only Monday, but because of my weight loss on Saturday and Sunday I am ready to get back on this train.

Stepped on the scale Saturday:  1.2lbs down!  Sunday:  1.8lbs down!  3 POUNDS IN TWO DAYS!  That's more like what I'm used to!  I am now at a total loss of 29lbs; the most I've lost yet!

Today my sister and I are going clothes shopping.  I can't even remember when the last time was that I was excited to do that.  Maybe because this time I'll actually be able to fit into the clothes!

It's now Saturday, so here's a recap of the rest of the week:

Clothes shopping was SO MUCH FUN!  I found a few outfits that simply look wonderful, and I'm very happy to finally really see my hard work paying off.

I ended week fourteen at 30lbs lost.  20lbs to go.  I'm in no is WAY too busy right now!

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