Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chef Brandon

At school this week, Brandon learned all about people who help in the community.  Monday, he was a dentist, Tuesday - Thursday, Police Officer, Doctor, Fireman, and Friday they were all chefs.  Each day of the week he came home with the funniest hats, all having to do with the profession they had been talking about at school that day.

But the chef hat put them all to shame!!  How completely adorable is this?!?

A few minutes ago, I noticed that Chef Brandon was helping Daddy with dinner.  They are making spaghetti...yum, yum.

And just for you, Grandma, a video!  I hope everyone else likes it too!!  5 MORE DAYS TIL GRANDMA MOVES TO SANDY!!!!  Yea, we aren't excited at all!

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