Friday, January 13, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge 2....Week 1 & 2

Weight Loss Challenge

Well, in week one I started off needing to loose 11 pounds to get me back down to where I was when my first challenge ended.  Yikes!

I began doing the same things I did last time.  I figure they worked before, why not use the same tools again?

Week one was great.  Getting back into exercising wasn't easy, but I found that I still loved it.  I decided that instead of exercising after dinner, I tried exercising right when I got home from work; 5pm...20 minutes later I was done and my evening was over.

I was only shooting for about 1.5 pounds down.  I ended up loosing 3.6lbs!  I was excited and ready to move onto week two.

I weigh myself daily, but the day that "counts" for me is Friday morning.  Last Monday when I stepped on the scale, I about died....I had PUT ON A POUND!  What the heck?!  So I spent this week trying to loose that pound.  A little came off here, a little there, and then on Wednesday I had a great loss:  1.2lbs!  Finally.  Thursday a little came off and then this morning I almost fell off the scale:  2.2lbs down for a total of 6.8lbs in only two weeks!!

After exercising today, I now have a fever, sore throat, and a horrible case of the chills.  Fun, fun.  Oh, and I'm a little nauseous when I stand up!

Since I've set my weekly goal for between 1- 1.5lbs down, I'm way ahead.  I could very well hit the 10lb mark this month.  That would be awesome....but I'm not going to get all excited about it.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's been a long time since I've found something that I thought was truly awesome.  That has all changed.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a Star Wars parody called "Cello Wars".  If you didn't catch it, click here to watch the video.

(I'm now assuming that you have either previously watched the video, or just watched it.)

After watching that, I "liked" their Facebook page, and that's when I was opened up to the world of ThePianoGuys.  They live in St. George, Utah, and all of their videos are made in different parts of the state.  Each week they post new videos to YouTube, sharing their INCREDIBLE talents with the world.

I'm a huge music fan, and this group is simply AMAZING!  They write their own arrangements of songs that most people have heard of before, but add their own flare.  The following is a wonderful example:

Their video for this week popped up on Facebook a few days ago.  It's the song "Paradise" by Coldplay.  I must admit, I'm not up to date with popular music today.  I think most of it sucks anyway.  However, when I heard ThePianoGuys version of this song, I had to find the original.  With over 24 million views of the actual music video, I'm guessing this must be a popular song.  Here is the original.

Ok, now ThePianoGuys version

Seriously?  Are you kidding me?  How absolutely mind blowing is this cover?!?  The piano, cello, the amazing singer....the location!  Holy moly!

Since I'm so in love with these guys, here's another clip.

Don't even get me started on how incredible THIS video is!!!  Using only the instruments and objects in the room, they created this amazing piece.  I am beyond jealous of their talent, but so excited that they share it with us!

Anyway, needless to say, I'll be purchasing their album in the very near future.  I've been glued to YouTube for the past two days, watching all their videos and learning all about them.  Even Brandon and Nick enjoy them.  Their videos are so fun to watch, but even without them, the music stands on its own and is breathtaking.

Thank goodness there are people in the world who still create incredible music!