Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tests, Needles, & Scooters: It's Been a Long Week!

So, it's been a busy week for Brandon.  Monday he went to school with me for his Kindergarten Assessment tests.  He tested into a "fast track" reading program, which means he's farther ahead than most Kindergarten students.  He also tested into a math class that some of my 3rd graders were in!!  That was very exciting news to hear.

I discovered that to register him for Kindergarten, I needed to get him up to date with his shots.  I knew that he was a little behind, but was devastated to discover he was going to need FIVE shots.  Yikes, this wasn't going to be fun.  The last time he had shots was when he was an infant.  Sure, they scream, but they don't fight back very hard.

Yea, WHATEVER.  For the record, I don't think this picture is real.  I believe it is COMPLETELY staged.  No one is THIS happy when they are about to be poked with a long needle!

We were lucky enough to have two doctors "tag team" him, and two of the shots were combined into one, so he was only receiving four sticks with a needle.  He was doing great mentally until the doctors came back with the needles.  It was over then.  Thankfully my mom was with me.  Brandon sat at the edge of the "patient's bed" (what is that thing called?),  I held down his arms, mom held his chest up, the male nurse kept his legs down, while both he and the female nurse each poked him twice in each leg.  It was a little like this, only it was a five year old and required four people in the room!

Anyway, after that trauma we were looking forward to the birthday party for my niece on Saturday.  It was a fantastic water party, so Brandon was able to get very wet.

After the party Brandon was playing outside with some boys that were my nephews age....about 9 & 10.  They were using the water guns that had been used during the party.  One boy, we'll call him Bob, (just because) was getting another boy, we'll call Rob, wet, even though Rob was asking Bob to stop shooting him.  Bob just wouldn't stop.

All the adults were in the house when suddenly we hear Brandon scream, and run inside.  My mom got to him first.  Apparently Rob, tired of Bob getting him wet, became VERY upset, and to prove a point about how tired he was, he picked up the scooter he was riding on, and swung it around.   Yeah, he swung it straight into the left side of Brandon's head!!!  Needless to say, he had quite a gash on his head, and we were off to Urgent Care to have it taken care of.

When my mom told me that he was probably going to have staples put in, I became very nervous.  I've had stitches before, but never staples.   I didn't know how this process worked, and I kept thinking of this:

You know, the tool that is handy to have around whenever there is a psychopath in your house?  You just push this into their head and they usually die.....right?  It always works in the movies!

Anyway, I was very concerned.

Well, it wasn't that big a deal.  He was given gel that numbed the area, and then the doctor came back into the room with this:

I didn't watch the process, and luckily Brandon was nice and still for the doctor....well, more still than he was for the shots!  As dumb as this sounds, I was expecting to hear the sound of a stapler when they were put into his head!

So this:
Plus this:

Equals four staples to the left side of his head.

He took it like a champ, and we went back to my sister's house where he continued to play!  If this is what having a boy is going to be like, I'd better toughen up and prepare!

On a side note, I got my hair cut yesterday.  I chopped it all off.  I don't take pictures very often, so here you go.  I'm still loosing weight, and I'm thrilled that school is out, I can really get going again!