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Burn Notice: Shock Wave

So, I usually wouldn't create an entire post about Burn Notice, but this last episode has me going crazy. If you're not a Burn Notice fan, enjoy the post, even though you may not understand it all. If you haven't seen the episode "Shock Wave" DON'T READ ANY FURTHER UNTIL YOU HAVE!

Welcome to the first, (and probably last!)

A little background on where the show is:

Last season (5), Burn Notice brought in the greatest villian yet....and that's saying a lot for this show.  He is the last man standing in the organization that not only burned Michael, but he's the last man left since Michael and his friends destroyed the organization piece by piece.  Oh, did I forget to mention that he's out to rebuild the network using any means necessary?  Yeah, bad, bad news.

His name is Anson Fullerton.  Long story short, he posed as a good guy needing help from Michael, framed Fiona for a murder she didn't commit and used his evidence as leverage to blackmail Michael.  End of season 5 Fiona turned herself in to authorities to get Michael out from under Anson's thumb.  She has been in jail and Michael has been doing all he can to find Anson and free Fiona. 

Basically that brings us to this episode.  I could go on and on, but you can read more about it here.  Just scroll down to the season synopsis.

K, so the creators of Burn Notice did something stupid in my opionion:  they told the audience that someone important would be killed during the promo for the episode Shock Wave

After watching this clip, I knew that it wasn't Jesse, Michael, or Pearce.  I also know there's NO WAY they would kill off Sam or Fiona.  So, I figured it was one of two people:  Rebecca, the dirty CIA agent that Anson was also blackmailing, or Nate, Michael's younger brother.

My suspicion was confirmed the moment I started watching the episode:  Michael is finally close to catching Anson, and the CIA won't let Sam, Michael's best friend and former Navy Seal, go with them.  Instead, they let Nate, a CIVILIAN, go with them.  What?!?  I have a hard time believing that any branch of government would let a civilian, like myself, with no training whatsoever, go on a mission to capture a murdering sociopath.  Guess I could be wrong.

The episode continued with Michael and Nate fighting.  Michael has always protected his brother.  When they were young, he protected him from their abusive father.  As an adult, when Nate would get into trouble, Michael would help bail him out.  This fighting continued to set the stage for what was going to happen.  The moment Michael ordered Nate out of the hotel room they were hiding out in, I knew Nate's time was over.  It was just a matter of how it was going to happen.  Was Anson going to find him?  What would he do to Nate? 

Suddenly, Michael calls Nate and asks him to "keep eyes" on Anson.  Apparently he's in the casino that Nate is at, and Michael needs time to get there.  Knowing Nate's character, I knew he was going to butt in...and he did.  Nate managed to sucker punch Anson (the BEST moment of the show, something that all Burn Notice fans have personally wanted to do for a year!), and it looked like Michael was finally going to get the man who had caused so much pain, destroyed so many lives, including Michael's.  However, this is television.  Does anything ever happen the way it should?

Roll the clip:

It's obvious who the real target was....Anson.  Nate was "collateral damage".  Nate's character had gone about as far as he could go.  Last season they tried to give him more of a storyline by having him get married and have a baby, but it felt like more of a "jump the shark" moment since we only saw his wife once, she was odd, and I believe we only saw the baby once. When he returned this season, he was getting a divorce and had fallen back into gambling again. No character growth usually = death of an expendable character. I knew Nate was going to die, but I still cried. Yeah, I'm that kind of dork!

So here's where I have issues with some of the events of this episode:

- Nate would NEVER have been allowed to go on that mission....period.  Sam would've been allowed to go.

- They made it SOOOO obvious who was going to die.  From fighting with Michael to all the dumb things he did on the mission (like ordering pizza, risking being seen by Anson), and then having Nate "keep eyes" on Anson, they practically painted a sign on Nate's face saying, "I'm going to be killed".

- Fiona had been working with the CIA to get out of jail.  I was under the impression that catching Anson meant she would be released.  He was killed.....maybe since he can't do any more harm they decided to completely believe the fact that Fiona had been framed?

- That was a massive hole blown through the wall when Nate and Anson died.  What in the world did that come from?

And my biggest issue with the episode:

MICHAEL DIDN'T GET TO TAKE ANSON DOWN!!!  We've waited a year to watch this awesome villian get what was coming to him, and instead of satisfaction, we now have to wait to find out who killed him!!!  Major disappointment. 

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