Monday, January 20, 2014

Weight Loss Update

So, after the difficult last 3 months of 2013, (read here and here if you missed those posts), I have been ready to drop the weight I gained and get back to happier times.

For Christmas, I got The Firm Express.  I've always been a HUGE fan of The Firm, and have used their programs each time I loose weight.  Last March when I began loosing weight again, I used this program:

I lost 38 pounds and fit into a size of clothing that I hadn't worn in YEARS!  In November I saw a commercial for their new program, The Firm Express.  I watched the 10 minute video and was SO EXCITED.  20 minute workouts that would do the same amount of work as the 40-50 minute workouts I was used to doing.  They cycle through, 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks.  They get progressively harder, and then you can restart it all over again.

So I began this process on January 6th.  The first 3 workouts were difficult, but I made it through them. I definitely felt muscles in my body that I'd not felt in quite a while, which was fabulous.  First week:  3 pounds down.

The second week of workouts almost killed me.  After the first one, my lower ab muscles (those horrible "pooch" muscles) felt like they were going to die.  I LOVED it!  I don't mind being in pain when I know that I am benefitting from it.  The second day, my thighs were done!  The rest of the week I had to stop progressing because I had parent conferences and didn't get home until late on those two days.

I stepped on the scale this morning, expecting the scale to have gone up.  I had eaten fast food twice during the week, and had some candy over the weekend.  I was STUNNED to see that it went down 2.6 more pounds!  Excited, I decided to rethink how I'm going to do this program.

Instead of going through a cycle each week, I'm going to master the workouts of the cycle I'm in before moving onto the next cycle, which gets harder.  I want to put all my energy and effort into doing it correctly, and not have to modify the movements to make them easier.  So I restarted today, and was able to put my all into it.

I'm so excited about this program, that I've attached the link for it.  The Firm Express is awesome, and where it tells you that you can loose up to 15 pounds in 30 days, I'm not stupid.  I always give myself a 5 pound a month goal.  That way I don't overdo it, and it's a tangible goal.  So far I've already reached that goal.  I'm excited to see what results I get from it next Monday.

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  1. You are amazingly strong and I think you're an inspiration!! Way to go lady!!
    Thank you for sharing!!