Sunday, February 23, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 10

A Show You Thought You Wouldn't Like But Ended Up Loving

As you know, I only have Netflix, so my TV viewing is limited.  I actually had cable when this show started, but never watched it.  Back in September 2013, I began watching a show that I really didn't think I would be interested in.  It had the formula of the shows I usually enjoy:  good guys versus bad guys, chases, shootouts, great character stories; but for some reason I just never got into it when I had cable.  I decided to try it one day, and was hooked.  I had finished the entire 10 SEASONS of this show within 3 months, I became so addicted to it.  

The show I thought I wouldn't like but ending loving is:

I'd never watched NYPD Blue, so I wasn't familiar with David Caruso.  Well, I knew that he left the show and that many thought that was the dumbest decision of his life.  Anyway, he was what drew me to the show to begin with.

As with most shows, it took a few episodes to completely hook me, but once it did, that was it.  I love the story lines; unrequited love, siblings with secrets, moles inside the team, characters finally finding love only to have it taken away so quickly, unknown children, crazy ex's, team members finding themselves in dire circumstances, team members dying, and great villains.  This show has it all, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

David Caruso's character Horatio Caine became famous for his one-liners at the beginning of the show, along with the sunglasses he always wore.  Some made fun of it, I LOVED it!  Another reason it was fun for me was because almost every person who played a secondary role on Burn Notice, including Jeffrey Donovan himself (Michael Westen), showed up!

Below is a video summarizing the 10 seasons of the show.

And I've got one more video here

This show is currently on Netflix, and worth looking at.

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