Thursday, February 27, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 14

My Favorite Male Character

Hmm, let me think about this for a little less than one second.  Who could it be, who could it be?  Wait, I've almost got, not him.  Gee, I wish I could think of who my favorite male character is!  Anybody have any ideas?  Oh wait, now I remember.  My favorite male character is.......

Michael Westen is like an onion.  He has so many layers.  He's a great character because he has the ability to become so many different people, depending on who the situation is calling for.  

The video here is of Michael doing what he does best.  Set to the song Smooth Criminal, by Michael Jackson, it shows his "spy side", and all the resources that come with being a spy.

Being a spy, and helping people in trouble does have its drawbacks.  Michael's friends and family are often the people who get caught in the middle of all of his problems.  Michael doesn't like to show emotion.  But the following video here shows what happens when he does.

In the end, Michael Westen is my favorite male character because he is smart, funny, someone who wants to do the right thing even if he has to work with people who aren't exactly "good", and surrounds himself with good people.  Plus, he is one very handsome man to look at!!

It's all about the shades, man!!

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