Thursday, March 6, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 21

Favorite  TV Relationship

I decided not to look at this from a romantic standpoint, but instead, to look at the fabulous friendships that have been created on some of my favorite shows.  Call them the Dynamic Duo, or the Wonder Twins, these relationships are so much fun to watch!

Shawn and Gus:  Psych

Best friends since childhood, these two do everything together.  From making 1980's movie references, quoting songs front that same decade, or helping the Santa Barbara Police Department fight "bad guys", they are always side by side.  And they are HILARIOUS!

Tony and McGee:  NCIS

McGee is constantly hounded by Dinozzo.  "Probie" is always the butt of Dinozzo's jokes, often called names by Tony (see list below), but in the end he often gets the upper hand over Tony.  These two remind me of The Odd Couple, and it brings comedy to a show that is usually focused on serious subjects.  Tony and McGee are AMAZING!

Sherlock and John:  Sherlock

A man returning from war, and another man in desperate need of someone to listen to him, "Johnlock" are probably the only two people who could handle each other, without killing each other!  Sherlock is the Ying to John's Yang, and even though Sherlock isn't always the nicest person in the world, John recognizes that Sherlock needs a friend.  They are FABULOUS to watch!

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