Friday, March 14, 2014

30 Days of TV: Day 29

Current TV Show Obsession

A year ago, when George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, many fans were stunned because it meant that one of their favorite shows would no longer be on Cartoon Network.  To make matters worse, the deal happened right as the shows 5th season completed, leaving fans to wonder what was going to happen.

And then an announcement was made that had Star Wars fans, such as myself, jumping for joy.  My current TV show obsession was to begin streaming on Netflix in March, along with the 13 episodes that completed the story....the episodes Cartoon Network was no longer able to show.

What is my current obsession?

I had seen the first season of this show, and then when we had cable again, I saw seasons 4 and 5.  If the prequels had been like this show, no Star Wars fan would be complaining about them.  The Clone Wars takes place after the movies Attack of the Clones, and before Revenge of the Sith.  The constant character development, story line changes, and twists that you would never see coming helped make this show so much fun.  It's sad when cartoons can act better than actual people, but the writing is far superior on this show then on the prequels, and let's face it:  the cartoon actors are more fun to watch!

Social media is making it difficult to not have the 6th season spoiled.  Since Brandon and I have started from the beginning, I'm hoping to not find out what happens before I get there.  I saw this on Facebook the day after The Clone Wars was released on Netflix, and thought it was funny.

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