Thursday, April 10, 2014

30 Days of Music: Day 18

A Cover Song

Cover songs can be dangerous water to swim in.  People fall in love with the original, become very protective of it, which makes it very difficult for the public to accept a different version of it.

Every once in a while a cover will come around that gives the original a run for its money.  Such is the case for Coldplay's "Paradise".

The Piano Guys came out with their own version of this song in 2012.  With Alex Boye singing, their version was the African Style of "Paradise".  Here is "Peponi", by The Piano Guys.

Which version do I like better?  Well, people are usually partial to the version they hear first.  I had never heard Coldplay's version of this song; I heard The Piano Guys first.  I enjoy both of them, but I will listen to The Piano Guys version all day long!

Which do you prefer?

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