Saturday, April 12, 2014

30 Days of Music: Day 20

A Teenage Pop Star You Like Better As An Adult

Justin Timberlake is one that gets better and better the older he gets.  He left Nsync and became one of the few teenage pop stars to continue being popular.

His first solo album, "Justified", was a huge hit, and has many songs on it that I like.  One song is "Cry Me A River".  I always loved the rumor that the song was about his relationship with Britney Spears.  I hope it's true because she screwed up big time with him!

I'm not the biggest fan of his videos, (they can get bit too racy for me) but his music kept getting better.  On his next album, "What Goes Around" was a big hit.

His latest album, "The 20/20 Experience" came out last year.  "Mirrors" was a great song from that album.

Along with having a successful music career, Justin has expanded his fame by delving into acting.  His most famous roles have come from Saturday Night Live where he and Jimmy Fallon have hit comedy gold on many occasions.

I couldn't find clips of their famous "Barry Gibb Talk Show" skits, but I found this compilation from his last go around on SNL when Jimmy Fallon was hosting.

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