Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30 Days of Music: Day 24

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop was an amazing artist.  I don't care about all the accusations that were made about his personal life.  I don't know all the facts, so I choose not to pass judgement on him.  All I know is that the world lost an amazing force in the music industry on June 25, 2009.  Ready to go down memory lane?  Here are a few of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.  Michael didn't just make music videos, he often made movies.  Each video had the most incredible choreography, and watching him dance always make me wish that I could dance!

First up, "The Way You Make Me Feel".  I love the cat and mouse game played throughout this song, and the dancing at the end, holy cow!

Next up, "Smooth Criminal".  An epic video, I have always wanted to know if he did the famous "lean" by himself, or if he had help through the use of cables.  Either way, it's a fun story, and a great video.

"Bad" isn't one of my favorite Jackson songs.  But the choreography in this video warrants it on the list.

"Dirty Diana" is one of my favorite Jackson songs.  The guitar/piano beat at the beginning is incredible, and I think this is one of his most underrated songs.

With the arrival of the album "Dangerous", came the song "Black or White", and more controversy for Jackson.  The last 3 minutes of the video, which were ultimately cut, were violent for 1991, but practically nothing now.  Either way, it's a great song.

Continuing with the string of hits from "Dangerous" is "Remember The Time".  It's always fun to see which celebrities will show up in a Jackson video.  Eddie Murphy, the model Iman, and Magic Johnson all appear in this video.  I also enjoy this video because of its awesome choreography.

Tired of being hounded by the media, Jackson teamed up with his sister for the song "Scream".  It was his way of telling everyone to shut up....and I love this song.  I think this is more "out of the box" for him, and the brother/sister connection is sweet to see.

And finally, how could I not put "Thriller" in here?  This video/movie set the standard for everyone to follow.  It was a huge production, and the dance moves are still being done by people all around the world!

Which Michael Jackson song would you have added to the list?

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