Wednesday, April 23, 2014

30 Days of Music Recap

Day 2: A Song That Helps You Clear Your Head

Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy

Day 4: Rock Anthems

Day 5: An Acoustic Song You Love

Day 6: Guilty Pleasure Songs

Day 7:  A Song That Means A Lot To You

Day 8: Songs That Make You Want to Dance

Day 9: Songs That Remind You of Something Sad

Day 10:  What is a Fanilow?

Day 11:  Disney Songs

Day 12:  A Song You Liked When You Were Younger

Day 13:  A Song That Reminds Me of A Loved One

Day 14:  A Song That Makes Me Cry

Day 15:  My Current Ringtone....and Star Wars!

Day 16:  A Song You Like Hearing Live

Day 17:  A Song From A New Album That You Are Waiting To Come Out

Day 18:  A Cover Song

Day 19:  A Song That Reminds You of Your Best Friend

Day 20:  A Teenage Pop Star You Like Better As An Adult

Day 21:  Random Country Songs

Day 22:  A Song You Can Always Relate To

Day 23:  A Song That Makes Me Laugh

Day 24:  Michael Jackson

Day 25:  A Song That Would Be The Theme Song For Your Life

Day 26:  A Song by Your Favorite Band

Day 27:  Musicals

Day 28:  Oldies!

Day 29:  The Piano Guys

Day 30:  A Song You Haven't Heard In A While

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