Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pharmacy Trip From Hell

Yesterday morning I called Brandon's pediatrician to find out if they had heard back from the insurance company regarding his medication.  I come to find out that there was no authorization needed for his medication, so I've waited almost 7 days for nothing.  Fun.  His medication can't be faxed to a pharmacy, so I needed to get the doctor's signature on an actual script.  Of course, the doctor wasn't in his office yesterday, so I was stuck.

I called them this morning to remind them.  I finally received a call at 3pm telling me that Brandon's script was ready.  We stopped by on the way home from school.  Luckily I called the Macey's pharmacy to see if they had the medication in their pharmacy BEFORE I went there.  I WANT TO GET THIS STARTED! Turns out, Macey's doesn't even offer the medication that Brandon needs!  So, it was off to the pharmacy from hell:  Walmart.  (Dun, dun, dun!!!)  I already hate Walmart as it is...don't EVEN get me started on their pharmacy.  Long lines, ridiculously long waits, that's why I prefer Macey's!

The script is for only 14 days, and then we'll evaluate if the medication is working, and decide what to do next.  I've already spoken to my insurance company, so I know that all ADHD medications are in the 3rd tier, which means this medicine will cost $60...FABULOUS, because I'm made of money.

I turned the script in, and was told that they only had 10 of the 14 pills I need.  Wonderful. Walmart only orders medication once a week, (unlike most pharmacy's that will order the medication the next day if a customer needs it!) so if I wanted the entire script, I would have to wait until next Thursday to get it.  I could choose to get the 10 pills, but then I would have to go and get another script from the doctor.  Macey's would've filled the script and then ordered the 4 remaining pills, saving me another phone call and trip to the doctor.  Stupid Walmart.

Again, I WANT TO GET THIS STARTED, so I decided to take the 10 pills and go back to the doctor tomorrow for the new script for the remaining 4.  I was hoping that since I was only getting 10 pills that it wouldn't cost $60.  I was told it would take about 30 minutes, so Brandon and I went walking around Walmart...just how I want to spend my afternoon!

About 20 minutes into the wait, I hear my name over the PA system calling me back to the pharmacy...that can't be a good sign.  We head back and they made a mistake with the insurance.  I also discovered that 10 pills were going to cost me $60!  Whether it's a 30 day supply or 10 pills, it's the same copay.  Stupid insurance.  The nice lady put my script on "critical", which means GET MOVING ON IT, since she made a mistake.  I appreciated that.  We FINALLY got out of there 60 minutes later!

Brandon is oddly excited about starting the medication that is going to help him "sit quietly in his chair, and not shout out".  What bothers me now is that in 10 days we'll have to pay ANOTHER $60 for medication.  Eventually we'll be on a regular schedule with Brandon's medicine, and won't have to pay so much, so often.  And the bottom line is that as long as it works, it will be worth it.

So tomorrow we begin.  Hopefully Brandon won't suffer from any side effects.  And now that the script has been filled at Walmart once, they now have it on file and will be ordering it so that it will be in the pharmacy from now on.  A light at the end of the tunnel....yippie!

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  1. I prefer Birch's over anyone!!! They're fabulous! Good Luck!! xo