Thursday, May 15, 2014

And Now On To The Next Phase

The Toale Family

We had another doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Since increasing Brandon's medication two weeks ago, he has improved significantly in the main behavior areas of ADHD.  Where he continues to struggle is with his social cues and lack of a filter.  When Brandon gets an answer wrong in class, he will often yell back at the teacher, or start to cry.  He often tries to be the teacher and tell everyone what to do.  These are symptoms of the impulsivity side of ADHD.

Now that Brandon has improved quite a bit, the doctor has told me it's time to move on to the counseling side of his treatment.  I was hoping that this was the next step.  Counseling is where Brandon will be taught how to handle the "real world" situations that he currently struggles with.  I work with him everyday to remember to only worry about himself, to not act like he's the teacher.  I tell him every night that it's okay to get questions wrong at school.  I'm excited that Brandon will have the chance to work with someone who does this for a living.  And I'm excited to see the new, positive changes that this phase will bring.  Counseling will start 2 or 3 times a week, and then taper off from there.

I do have a few reservations.  I'm hoping that the counseling is more like this:

and not like this:

Counseling, yes:  psychiatry, no.

As we come to the end of this school year, I want everyone to know just how grateful I am to all of Brandon's wonderful teachers.  They have been so patient, kind, understanding, and loving.  They have worked with me, listened to me, updated me.  This process has been made easier because of their involvement.

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