Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let The Games Begin

The Toale Family

Thursday Brandon had his first check up since beginning his ADHD medication.  Thankfully he hasn't suffered any of the side effects like nausea, or appetite suppression.  When I emailed his teacher's and asked them how they thought he has been doing the past 10 days, I was really surprised.  His reading teacher (beginning of the day) told me that he's been a rock star; showing a complete turn around; talking out so much less, and able to focus so much more.  I was thrilled to hear that.

When we turn to math and spelling however, things look very different.  This teacher told me that Brandon is almost worse.  He's talking out even more, especially during spelling, which didn't happen very often in the past.  Brandon has begun shouting across the room, and getting very upset if he has the wrong answer to a problem.

His homeroom teacher also reported that Brandon is more emotional, especially if he's asked to move a card for displaying inappropriate behavior in class.  It's this emotional turn that has me the most concerned, and was the highlight of my discussion with the doctor.

Apparently this surge in emotions is normal as Brandon's body adjusts to the medication.  These next 2 weeks will tell us which direction to go next.  If his emotions get worse since we increased the dose just a bit, we'll know it's the medication that is the problem and we will change that.  If his emotions level off, or remain the same, we'll know to increase the dose he's taking.

I also found out that the higher the level of medication, the longer it will stay in his system.  I was happy to hear this because I'd already pushed back the time I give him the medication once.  Any later and it wouldn't work during the beginning of the day.  Even with taking it later, the medication has been running out before school is over.  So having it last longer will be a great advantage for everyone.

Now the medication games begin.  Which one will work, which dose is the most effective....all the games I've been playing with my own medication for the past 16 years.

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