Sunday, June 1, 2014

30 Days of Star Wars: Day 1

As we head into the first week of summer vacation, it's time for another 30 day challenge.  I'm really excited about this one, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about my favorite movie for the next 30 days.  Where you would think this challenge would be simple for me, I've been working on it for almost 3 months because I'm so passionate about this franchise.

Welcome to 30 Days of...

There will be MULTIPLE spoilers.  So, if you haven't watched episodes 4, 5, and this at your own risk...I will be completely giving the story away.  I'll also be talking about the prequels.  If you've never seen those, PLEASE DON'T EVEN BOTHER...they are HORRIBLE!  With that in mind, here we go!

All Time Favorite Star Wars Character

Right out of the gate I'm torn.  My favorite character depends on the mood that I'm in.  Sometimes I'm in the mood for the sweet boy who longs for adventure, and always wants to do what is right.  Other days I'm more interested in the bad boy with a good heart, who only cares about himself...until he meets a princess.  I can't make an absolute decision on this one, so I'll talk about both of them!

Luke Skywalker is one of my favorite characters for many reasons.  He starts off as the young, naive, farm boy who wants nothing more than to get away from home and live a life full of adventure. Through a series of events, he gets his wish; adventure follows him wherever he goes.  Along the way he meets new friends, learns that he has the ability to become a Jedi, discovers secrets about his family, has his arm cut off by Darth Vader, only to learn moments later that Vader is his father, and faces the greatest villain in the galaxy when he confronts the Emperor...and lives to tell about it.  All of these experiences mold Luke into a mature man.

Han Solo is my other favorite character.  His name says it all...he's solo, and cares only about himself. A scruffy-looking nerfherder, he begins his journey by shooting a bounty hunter (FIRST, by the way!) and is only concerned about the money he is receiving from saving the princess.  He wants nothing to do with helping the members of the rebellion fight the empire.  However, we see Han Solo's soft side by the end of Star Wars, and it shines bright throughout the rest of the trilogy as he not only falls in love with said princess, but becomes a General in the rebellion. He may be out for himself in the beginning, but Han Solo shows us that underneath it all, he's a teddy bear!


  1. Matthew and I love your Star Wars posts.

    1. I love to know that someone is reading them!!!